The purpose of the museum is to extend our understanding of the rich diversity of Västmanland’s cultural heritage, to communicate with people and to stimulate public opinion, increase people’s insights into our history and to enrich our perspective on life today and in the future.

At Karlsgatan 2 in Västerås the county museum has its offices, archive, library and exhibition galleries. The museum’s stores of objects and photographic negatives, conservation laboratories, registration offices and workshops are in the building known as WestmannaArvet in Hallstahammar.

We work in a variety of areas: cultural heritage, archives & libraries, collections of objects, art, events, education and exhibitions, as well as communication and visitor service.

The Västmanland County Museum is part of the Västmanland County Council’s operations. The museum is responsible for wide-ranging activities aimed at the entire population. Children and young people are a priority target group. In the ten municipalities that make up the county, there is a great variety of undertakings aimed at collaborating in various networks and communicating our common heritage.

The museum works jointly with the local councils, heritage associations, local entrepreneurs and the corporate sector. Our role is to be a resource, to link up ideas and initiatives and to make history visible in the right context.




The Västmanland County Museum is centrally located in Västerås. The museum offers a wide range of exhibitions and events, guided tours and lectures, as well as research facilities, all in historical surroundings.

There is a café and a shop selling design products, books and accessories. The displays and exhibitions show artefacts from the museum collections and illustrate the industrial history of the museum premises.

The building dates from the beginning of the 20th century and was originally ASEA’s first factory based on scientific manufacturing principles.


Address: Västmanlands läns museum, Karlsgatan 2, SE‐722 14 Västerås, Sweden
E‐mail : lansmuseet@ltv.se  
Tel, information desk : +46 (0)21 39 32 22

Getting here

Opening hours

Monday closed
Tuesday‐Wednesday, Friday 10.00‐17.00
Thursday 10.00‐20.00
Saturday‐Sunday 12.00‐16.00

Archive and library:   Tuesday‐Friday 10.00‐16.00


Free admission.


There are two parking garages close to the museum: Punkt parkeringshus at Stora Gatan, and Östermalm parkeringshus at Stora Gatan/Södra Ringvägen. There are also car parks at ASEA‐torget and at the Central Station.


The museum is one of Sweden’s most accessible museums for visual, hearing and mobility impaired visitors. Please contact the information desk for further information and assistance.